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Townscapes and painting of buildings


bronte churchyard howarth

"Wet afternoon, the Parsonage " pencil

Available as a signed LEP


The Old Queens Head

"The Old Queens Head" watercolour sold

Available as a signed LEP


Victoria Quays Sheffield

"Victoria Quays, Sheffield" watercolour

Available as a signed LEP


saltaire heritage mill and weir

"Mill and weir, Saltaire" watercolour

Available as a signed LEP


daisy lane holmfirth book shop

"Wet Cobbles, Holmfirth " watercolour

Available as a signed LEP


Chantry Chapel, Wakefield

"Chantry Chapel, Wakefield" watercolour

Available as a signed LEP


"Winter Sun, The Parsonage" watercolour

Available as a signed LEP








A number of these original Abstracts are available to buy. They are also available as signed Limited Edition Prints. Please email for further information.


There have been many artistic influences in Richard's abstract work. However, one of the earliest is the Russian artist Kasimir Malevich whose painting “Black Square on a Black Background” (1917?) was probably the starting point for his Abstract aesthetic journey. An early example of that influence can be seen in the illustrated watercolour “Black Hole” which has an astronomic reference.


"Black Hole" 20x20 cm


These abstract or non figurative paintings, some large others very small, have been described as “Mindscapes”.

"Cruz del Sur" 122x122 cm


Richard records fragments of thought, feelings and fleeting images of memories. He uses simplified forms and structures that sometimes have symbolic or cultural references.

"Lachrimae 3" 20x20cm


The “Lachrimae” series has as starting points the Pavans by John Dowland (published 1604) and the changing cultural climate of South America.

"Lachrimae 7" 20x20cm



"Half remembered Fuge" 20x20cm


Collage and different materials, in this case leather, are used to develop the image and reinforce the underlying concepts

" Vacas y Volcanes" 20x20cm



"Perpetuum mobile"20x20cm



"Agua 1" 30x30cm




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